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About Narnaund

On Hansi-Chandigarh highway lies Narnaund which is one of the fast developing cities in Hisar district and also the administrative headquarters of Narnaund tehsil. The region falls under Hisar division and is located at a distance of 44km on the eastern part of the district headquarters. The city is famous for its huge market place popularly known as “Main Bazaar” where wide range of products are available for sale. The city has immense mythological importance. It is believed that the area has got its name from Narad Muni.

Geography of Narnaund

According to the meridians the location of Narnaund city is at 29.22°North and 76.15°East. The average elevation of the tehsil is 208 metres or 682feet from the sea level. Narnaund is surrounded by Hisar district which includes Jind Tehsil on the eastern part, Uchana tehsil on the north and Hansi tehsil bordering the western side. The nearest prominent cities are Hansi city at a distance of 22km, Jind city at 25kms Barwala city and Hisar city at a distance of 50kms. There are majorly three types of soil available here which includes Seirozem soils, Arid brown solonized soils and Desert soils.

Climate of Narnaund

Extreme climate characterizes the weather of Narnaund. The summers are extremely hot stretching from April to July where temperature hovers around 40C to 46C. South westerly monsoon winds bring the monsoon rains in this area during the month of July to September. Dust storms are quite common here. The winter season stretches from November to February. January is the coldest month here where temperature falls to a minimum of 1.5C. Shrill cold winds flows during the winter days.
However the best time to visit Narnaund are the months of February and March as well as in October and November when the temperatures are moderate and quite pleasant for roaming around.

Demography of Narnaund

As per census 2011, Narnaund Municipal Committee has a total population of 17, 242 individuals of which 9117 are male persons and 8125 are female individuals. In 2001 census the city recorded a population of 15,114 which means in the present census it showed an increase of 1,32% in the population figures. The population of children in the age gap of 0-6 years in 2273 which forms 13.18% of the total population. The male female sex ratio in the region stands at 891 females per 1000 males. This is however higher than the state average which stands at 879 females. There are no schedule tribes in Narnaund but around 17.81% of the population forms of people from Schedule caste. Literacy level of the region is found to be quite impressive at 74.47% in compare to the previous years. However the figures are still lower than the state average which stands at 75.55%. The male literacy in the area stands at 84.12% and the female literacy is recorded at 63.69%. A lot of importance is bestowed on literacy here and the cause is supported by good number of secondary schools in the region. However the place is devoid of any high level institutions.

Administration in Narnaund

Narnaund city falls under Hisar division and is divided into 13 wards holding election after every 5 years. Narnaund Municipal Committee is the major administrative authority here which looks after the public works around the region. The committee reserves the authority of administration of 3184 houses to which it serves various services including water, public health and sewerage. Building of roads, cleaning of the area, imposing taxes and keeping of records all comes under the work jurisdiction of Narnaund Municipal Committee.

Municipal Committee Narnaund
Address: Main Jind Hansi Road, Narnaund
Contact No. with STD Code: 01663-233349
email : mcnnd11@gmail.com

Prominent Personalities of Narnaund

Though a small city, the region has immense fame and honor attached to it simply because it serves as the mother land for various prominent personalities of the country. The most respected personality from Narmaund is no doubt, Chaudhary Mitrasen Sindhu who belonged from the village Khanda Kheri in Narmaund. He was well known as a industrialist as well as a social worker. He was also a notable figure and member of Arya Samaj. He was popular because of the immense amount of social work done by him in terms education, setting up ashrams and providing overall care to the under privileged. He was so renowned that Government recognized his contribution and made a stamp in his name. Sports have always been a preferred genre among the people of Narnaund. Some of the successful sportsmen having its origin in Narnaund include Abhinav Lohan, a golfer who possesses the honor of Silver medal in Asian games in his sport. Anita Lohan, the female wrestler also hails from Narnaund. Apart from this Kabaddi champions Khusboo and Suman also belongs from Narnaund city.

Culture of Narnaund

Narnaund is home to numerous clans. The prominent clans of this area includes Redu, Roparia, Jats, Brahmis,Gujjars, Banias and Chamars. There are people migrated from Rajasthan and Punjab too.
The local language of this area is Hindi, Haryanvi, Bagri and English. Punjabi is also spoken by few natives here. . The major festivals celebrated here include Diwali, Ram Navami, Dussehra, Shivratri, Janamashtami, Gugga Navami, Basant Panchami, Teej , Holi, and Makar Sankranti. Festivals of other religion are also celebrated here. Sweets are quite popular here and every festival is celebrated with delicious sweet dishes in this region. Theatre, music and dance are popular recreations during festival time. Folk dances like Ghoomar is highly appreciated here.

Economy of Narnaund

Economy of Narnaund is highly dependent on agricultural business. Farming is practiced by majority of locals here and is a revenue source for 80% of the people. The main crops yielded in this area include rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, jowar, bajra, sugarcane etc. Horticulture crops are also cultivated with wide range of vegetables and fruits. Cauliflower, chilli, carrots, tomato, brinjal are some of the popular horticulture vegetables. A popular market on the highway known as Anaaj mandi helps in selling the products at profitable rates for the villagers . Medicinal crop Aloevera is also grown and is sold in this market at fair prices. Another mode of earning in this village is the livestock business. Livestock animals include poultry, cows, buffaloes, sheep goats etc. The dairy business is quiet benefited through this stock and thus contributes to the economic growth of the division. Though there are considerable numbers of industries in various parts of Hisar division, none are based in Narmaund city. As a result for employment people have to travel a huge distance for good employment. Narnaund city small scale service companies but that is also limited.

Health in Narnaund

Healthcare Facilities in Narnaund is limited to health care units as the city does not have a hospital of its own. However there are multiple hospitals and nursing homes based in Hisar which are excellently equipped with greatest treatment equipments and best experienced doctors. Narnaund has 50 bedded CHC centers under the block PHC at Hisar with efficient doctors to cater medical requirement. Apart from this there are more than 200 health sub centers in Hisar district including the villages of Narnaund for immediate medical treatment. The nearest hospital to Narnaund is the Civil hospital which is based at a distance of 25kms from the town but can be reached in a time span of 30 minutes through motorable roads. The hospital has its own lab and pathological centre for various tests to be conducted for better treatment. Qualified doctors are also available here. Medical shops have equal importance just like any other medical facilities. Narnaund city has only one medical shop within the town but one can travel to Hansi or Hisar for more availability.

Civil Hospital
Address: Narnaund Road, Hansi Taluk, Hisar Haryana 125039.

Virendra Medical Hall
Jind Road, Near Subzi Mandi Wali Gali
Narnaund, Hissar Haryana 125039
Phone: 8685052802

Utility Services in Narnaund

Since Narnaund is a small city, there are very less services available in the city premises. Telephone connection and radio services are available here. Important service providers in this regard are BSNL, Idea, Airtel and Reliance. Apart from this the city has availability of gas agencies, petrol pumps ,banks and post offices in its area. The details of the same are listed below for reference.

Narnaund Post Office

Status: Sub Post office
Head Office: Hisar
Address: Post Master, Narnaund, Hansi Taluk, Hisar Divison
Jharkhand 125039
Phone: 01663-233221

Banks in Narnaund

Punjab National Bank
Narnaund Branch
IFSC Code: PUNB0484000
Branch Code: 484000
Address: Narnaund, Jind Hansi Road, Distt. Hissar, Haryana 125039
Phone: 9466128600

State Bank of Patiala
Narnaund Branch
IFSC Code: STBP0000109
Branch Code: 000109
Address: Vpo Narnaund, Hissar, Haryana 125039
Phone: 01663-233225

Canara Bank
Narnaund Branch
IFSC Code: CNRB0004549
Branch Code: 004549
Address: Vpo Narnaund, District: Hisar, Narnaund Harayana 125039
Phone: 1800-425-0018

Petrol Pumps in Narnaund

Lamba Filling Station
Address: Hansi Road, Narnaund, Hissar Haryana - 125039

Kissan Filling Station
Narnaund, Kheri Chopta , District Hissar, Haryana - 125039

Kumar Service Centre
Jind Road, Narnaund, District Hissar, Haryana - 125039

LPG Gas Agencies in Narnaund

Shri Paviter Gas Service
Address: Narnaud, Main Gali, District Hissar, Haryana- 125039
Phone: 1663-233574

Security Services in Narnaund

To maintain law and order and to keep a check on criminal activities in the area there is a police station in the heart of Narnaund city. Being a part of Haryana Police department, the responsibility of the force is to maintain peace and harmony in the area. However the area is devoid of major criminal activities and can be concluded a more or less safe location for the inhabitants here.

Supritendent of Police, Hisar
01662-232307 (O)
01662-232306 (R)

Police Station Narnaund

Tourist Attractions in Narnaund

Narnaund is not a major tourist destination in Hisar district. It is more of a agricultural trade centre and the administration and livelihood here is centered around that only. However one cannot ignore the beautiful ambience and the excellent climate on the winter months which promises a good and relaxing vacation here. The most sought after tourist spot here is the famous Devraj Mandir which is an ancient temple with huge religious importance. During the span of Ekadasi, thousands of visitors gather the temple premises to offer their prayers to the diety. Another prominent tourist spot is the Rakhi Garhi which is a place having its traces in the Harappan period with immense archeological importance. Apart from this one can also visit the nearby prominent destinations which include Hansi at 25kms, Bhiwani at 52kms, Panipat at 94kms, Bhindawas Lake at 97kms and Karnal Lake at 113kms. In Narnaund city one can opt for the facility of efficient travel agency to cater all requirements regarding travelling places.

Sharma Tour & Travels
Address: Ward No-4, Near Purani Subzi Mandi Narnaund, Hissar Haryana - 125039
Phone: 9812304384, 8529720419

Transport in Narnaund

There is limited transport facility in Narnaund city. There is only roadways connectivity in the city. In fact the railway connection is also not within 10kms of the location. The closest railway station to Narnaund is Hansi Railway station at a distance of 27km. Jind Junction Railway station lies at a distance of 22kms. There are sufficient numbers of trains travelling through these stations connecting Narnaund with many neighboring districts and cities of Haryana and beyond. The nearest airport to Narnaund is Indira Gandhi International Airport based at a distance 135km from the heart of the town. One can travel to Hisar and from there fetch rental car services to reach the destination. Haryana Roadway Buses connects Narnaund to other prominent cities like Hisar, Hansi, Jind, Karnal, Barwala etc. Haryana state Government buses in other words are the main service provider here with few private transport operators.

In a nutshell Narnaund is one of the growing cities of Haryana. In fact it has potential which is required to be explored at the best. Though the administrative facilities are not upto the mark in regards to road maintenance, street lights, transport facility, health infrastructure and more developed market area but there are initiatives taken to amend this problems at the earliest and fetch a more facilitated environment for the people based here.

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